The Driver Connection WebRing

The Driver Connection




The Driver Connection WebRing contains the websites of Driver and Allied Families genealogy home pages linked to one another in a "ring".. You can also randomly explore the sites within the The Driver Connection Ring.

Since this ring is designed to connect Driver Family researchers with each other, please put the ring code ONLY on that page that contains your Driver & allied family genealogy... or on a page that you keep separate for your Rings and/or Links. Please be sure to have a link from your main page to the ring so that those who are surfing the ring can easily find their way back to it after they have viewed your pages. There is nothing worse than following a ring link to a dead end!

No pornography will be allowed. If you site has some, even if it is not on the pages that your Driver Genealogy is on, then your site is not eligible to be a member of this ring.

The RingMistress reserves the right to reject any site that is not in keeping with the standards upheld by the ring.