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Deed of the Land of James Goard, by John Franklin to James Dillon, 1 May 1837

Deed Book K, page 179, White County Courthouse, Sparta, Tennessee.
Witnessed 1 May 1837, Recorded 22 May 1837

John Franklin for James Goard & others to James Dillon


Know all men by these presents that we John Franklin and  Margarett his wife, formerly Margarett Goard, Alexander  Goard, Nathan Driver and Isabell his wife, George Wood and  Margarett his wife, are held and firmly bound unto James  Dillon in the penal sum of One Thousand and fifty dollars to be void on condition that the before mentioned John Franklin and Margarett his wife, formerly Margarett Goard, Alexander Goard, Nathan Driver and Isabell his wife  George Wood and Margarett his wife, do make or cause to be made the titles of  James Goard, Robert Goard1, and Ephraim Goard and the heirs of Robert Goard and  Polly Dotson and will make a good title to the Thos. Goard, Ephraim Goard, James  Goard, Robert Goard's deceased, heirs at law, Polly Dotson's dec'd heirs at law to their part of all the lands of James Goard, dec'd to the said James Dillon, his heirs and assigns forever, and it is positively understood that if the said Polly Dotson's heirs - Robert Goard's heirs, James Goard, Thomas Goard, Ephraim Goard, when they become of lawful age, do make a title of to all the land now owned by
 all the heirs at law and John Franklin, Then this obligation to be void.

Test: James Anderson
 Judymon X Lane

Signed, John Franklin Seal
 Margarett X Franklin Seal
 Alexander Goard Seal
 Nathan X Driver Seal
 Isabell X Driver Seal
 George Wood Seal
 Margarett Wood Seal

Note: Isabelle Goad (m. Nathan Driver)