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Barnes Deed, 1725 - Isle of Wight Co. VA Library of Virginia filenames: 011_0453.tif/011_0454.tif Index Card #13 

Barns, John 24 Mar. 1725 Isle of Wight County 340a.
 On the South side of the main Blackwater swamp. Beg.g &c. on the South side of the Indian field branch a corner twixt Giles Driver & Thomas Drake. Patents 12, p. 438-439 (written in margin) John Barns 340 New Land Forming 1st page pg. 438 George &c. 

To all &c. Know Ye that for diverse good Causes and Considerations but more especially for and in Consideration of the sum of Thirty five Shillings of good and lawful money for our use paid to our Receiver General of our Revenue in this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia We have given granted and Confirmed and by these presents for us our Heirs and Successors do give grant and Confirm unto John Barns of Isle of Wight County one Certain Tract or parcel of Land containing Three hundred and forty acres lying and being on the South side of the Main Blackwater Swamp in the County aforesaid and bounded as followeth (to wit) Begining at a pine on the South side of the Indian field branch a Corner twixt Giles Driver and Thomas Drake Thence by Drakes Lines Crossing the said branch North sixty two degrees East Twenty five poles to a pine and North Seventy degrees East One hundred and Twenty Six poles to a pine Then North Eighteen degrees East fifty two poles to a red Oak then North East one hundred pg. 439 and Seven poles to a pine Lientoo Northwest two hundred and Six poles to a pine Then West Ninety pole to a pine then South five degrees East one hundred and Twenty poles to a Spanish oak then South West one hundred and fifty four poles to a pine by the Side of the Indian field branch aforesaid said up the various Courses of the Run of the Said Branch to the Begining With all &c. To have hold &c. To be held &c. Yielding and paying &c. provided &c. 

In Witness &c. Witness our Trusty Well beloved Hugh Drysdale Esq.r Our Lt. Gov. &c. at Williamsburgh and &c. Seal of Our Said Colony the Twenty fourth day of March one thousand seven hundred and Seventy five in the Twelfth Year of Our Reign.                                                                                  Hugh Drysdale