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Cherington Church and Monuments

Compiled by Graham Thomas

Cherington is a small village tucked away and hidden from the mainstream of traffic in the Cotswolds; Minchinhampton is some three miles away. The Manor House, Cherington Park, dates from the 18th Century and there are some attractive and distinctive Georgian cottages.
The church of St Nicholas is mostly 13th Century but with some Norman features including the font.
These descriptions of the monuments in the church are taken from Ralph Bigland's 'Historical, Monumental and Genealogical Collections, relative to the county of Gloucester'.
 Headstones in Church yard.

George Driver 1741 73
Mary, the wife of George Driver 2 April 1730 59
Mary, Daughter of John and Alice Driver, of Aston Keynes, Wilts 2 December 1761 24
Edith Wilkins, Daughter of George and Mary Driver 23 December 1758 60
Mary, Daughter of George and Mary Driver 1 May 1779 79
Hannah Driver 12 February 1786 71


These records were extracted from the following website. Cherington, Gloucestershire, England