Old and New Monongahela

Van Voorhis, John S. - Pittsburgh, PA: Nicholson, 1893.

Springer Family.
Death Of Mrs. Mary Finley.
page 462

Joseph, son of Daniel, married Margaret Driver. They lived in the old log house on the county line near town. The farm in part is owned by S. F. and Wm. Jones, and part now divided into lots forming the town of East Bellevernon. The ground was purchased from J. W. Carothers by Geo. C. Maxwell and J. T. Roley, who laid out the town. Joseph had born to him twelve children. James and Newton died in childhood. Daniel was the oldest and married Rachel Jordon, who still survives her husband, who died October 21, 1870. Daniel lived most of his days in Bellevernon where his widow still resides.