The Gowen Papers mention many interesting names and events from early Tennessee.  The original document is in the University of Virginia Library.

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Notes copied from a paper lent by Albyne Gowen Blythe, wife 
of Rees Blythe, Fullerton, California.  Rees is a grandson of 
James Blythe, brother of my grandfather, Joseph Blythe.  
Albyne's brother, Tom Gowen, had the complete group of notes 
duplicated for Albyne.  I have copied only those parts applying 
to the Crocketts and the Blythes and a few excerpts which 
reflect the early times. What a memory for people he had!

		Ruth Blythe Walker Genealogy (circa 1964)

Notes and reminiscences from 
Uncle William Floyd given to
 Charles E. Gowen in the 
summer of 1904 in his 84th year

Ben Driver was first Driver to come to Tennessee.  He was the 
father of Noel Driver and grandfather of Thomas Driver.  He 
came from North Carolina and first settled near Beech Grove 
afterward lived in 'Screamsville' where Tom now lives.  His 
wife peddled on brooms, soap and other articles.  She was an 
Avon and was of Cherokee decent.

First Blythe was Uncle Tommy, Hoel's father, Ace Blythe's 
grandfather.  Hoel's first wife was a Smith and second wife a 
Jones.  First wife was the mother of Ace Blythe.

Old Granny Wiseman who lived to be over 100 year old and 
whose remains rest at the Gowen graveyard was a Merril.  
Husband died in North Carolina.  Two children by her husband - 
Isaac and Nancy.  Isaac Wiseman once lived here but moved to 
Illinois.  Nancy married Noel Driver.  She had 3 illegitimate 
children, Sterling whose father was Cornelius Smith, Billie 
whose father was Walker Wiliams and Peggy whose father was 
Hesekiah Ervin who left the country.  First Ervin was the 
Hesekiah, wife a Simmons.  Hence the 'S' in Parson J. S. 
Ervin's name who was a grandson.