Genealogical Dictionary of New England
Vol. I-IV (4). Boston, 1860-1862.

Volume 2
page 74

Driver, John, Lynn, s. perhaps of first Robert, by w. Eliz. wh. d. 26 May 1674, had John, b. 23, d. 31 of the same me.; and by sec. w. had John, again, b. 16 May 1678; and Eleazer, Aug. 1680, d. same mo. RICHARD, Lynn, perhaps br. of the preced. . 6 Jan. 1664, Sarah Salmon. ROBERT, Lynn, 1630, freem. 6 May 1635, d. says Lewis, 3 Apr. 1680, aged 87. His w. d. Feb. 1683. His s. ROBERT, wh. came in the Abigail 1635, aged 8, liv. at Lynn, had Sarah, wh. d. 5 Feb. 1667.; [p.74] Ruth, b. 4 Oct. 1667; Samon, 1 Aug. 1670; and John, 2 Dec. 1673; was hang. for murder 18 Mar. 1675, as relat. by Mather, VI. 39. Lewis. WILLIAM, Salem 1687, d. 1691, leav. w. Mary. Felt.

Volume 3
page 468

Potter, Abel, Dartmouth, m. 16 Nov. 1669, Rachel, youngest d. of John Warner, rem. to Warwick, in his will of 1692, names eldest s. George, youngest Stephen, and other ch. Abel, Benjamin, and Mary. ANTHONY, Ipswich 1648, m. Eliz. prob. d. of deac John Whipple of the same, had sev. ch. wh. with w. outliv. him, as John, Edmund, Eliz. Kimball, Lydia Putnam, prob. w. of Jonathan, beside Thomas and Anthony. GEORGE, Newport 1638. HUMFREY, Salem, had only ch. Ann, who m. 10 Jan. 1656, Anthony Needham. ICABOD, Portsmouth, R. I. perhaps s. of Robert, the friend of Gorton, m. Martha, d. of Thomas Hazard. INDIGO, or perhaps INIGO, Charlestown, m. 25 Aug. 1663, Mary Lawrence, d. of John of Groton, may have liv. in some other town, for without find. adm. of hims. or w. to the ch. there, I see that his ch. by w. Mary, viz. Mary, John, Richard, Indigo, Margaret, were all bapt. at C. 24 Apr. 1681, and Margaret, again, 9 July 1682. JOHN was a grantee of Sudbury in 1640, but I ask in vain, where he resid. or any thin else a. him. JOHN, New Haven, perhaps 1639, had John, and Samuel, bapt. (not 7, as in Geneal. Reg. IX. 362, but) prob. 17 Oct. 1641; perhaps d. bef. 1643, as a wid. P. with fam. of two is that yr. ment. She may also have m. again, for Eliz. Rose, in 1677, by her will ment. her s. John and Samuel P. beside sev. ds. Coffin made the surname Polter. JOHN, New Haven, s. of the preced. m. 1661, Hannah, d. of John Cooper, had Hannah, b. 1661, d. soon; John, June 1663, d. soon; Hannah, again, 26 June 1665; John, again, 4 Aug. 1667; Samuel, July 1669, d. soon; one, without name, Feb. 1671, d. soon; Mary, Mar. 1673, d. soon; and Samuel, again, 2 Jan. 1675; and by sec w. m. 29 Dec. 1679, Mary, wid. of Ralph Russell, had Abigail, was serg. and propr. 1685, and d. Dec. 1707, aged 70. JOHN, Warwick, was s. of Robert, freem. 1660; m. 2 June 1664, Ruth, d. of Edward Fisher of Portsmouth, R. I. had Robert, b. 5 Mar. 1666; Fisher, 12 July 1667; John, 21 Nov. 1668; William, 23 May 1671; Samuel, 10 Jan. 1673; Isabel, 17 Oct. 164, wh. bec. sec. w. of William Burton, and long surv. him; Ruth, 29 Nov. 1676; and Content, 2 Oct. 1680. JOSEPH, New Haven, prob. s. of William, was recom. 1668 for freem. but d. 17 Aug. next yr. JUDAH, Concord, s. prob. of Luke, freem. 1690. LUKE, Concord, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, by w. Mary, wh. d. 8 Apr. 1644, had Eunice, b. 2 Mar. 1641; and Rebecca, 2 Aug. 1643, d. at 2 mos. He m. 19 Oct. 1644, Mary, d. of Walter Edmands, had Luke, 30 May 1646, d. at 15 yrs.; Samuel, 1 Apr. 1648; Dorothy, 9 Apr. 1650; Judah; Frances, wh. d. 17 Nov. 1661; and Bethia, 4 Nov. 1659; was deac. and d. 13 Oct. 1697. Eunice m. 4 Oct. 1660, John Frye of Andover. [p.467] MATTHIAS, Braintree 1661. NATHANIEL, New Haven, s. prob. of William, a propr. 1685. NATHANIEL, Portsmouth, s. of that wid. Dorothy wh. m. John Albro, d. 20 Oct. 1704. NICHOLAS, Lynn, 1651, much engag. in the iron works, rem. to Salem, 1660, there call. a bricklayer, had Hannah, bapt. 25 Mar. 1661; and Mary, 15 Nov. 1663; Samuel, b. 9 Jan. 1665, d. at one yr.; Hannah, again, 27 Mar. 1666; Lydia, 26 Feb. 1667, d. next yr.; Bethia, 23 May 1668; Samuel, 22 Apr. 1669; Lydia, again, 16 July 1670, d. in Apr. foll.; Benjamin, 6 Nov. 1671; and Joseph, 9 June 1673. His w. Mary d. soon aft. and he d. 18 Oct. 1677. His inv. was tak. 25, and his will made 10 of that mo. That he had ch. by two ws. is infer. and that sec. w. Mary was d. of John Gedney appears in Essex Inst. II. 275; but for the bapt. name of the mo. of the ch. Robert, Eliz. Sarah, wh. were prob. b. at Lynn by first w. certainty is unattain. tho. from the transcr. of the will it may seem, that ea. w. brot. both Samuel and Benjamin. A flickering of light comes from p. 301, indicat. that the first w. was Alice, wh. d. 26 Jan. 1659. ROBERT, Lynn 1630, freem. 3 Sept. 1634, rem. to Newport, where in July 1638, he was adm. an inhab. and in 1641 unit. with Gorton in settlem. of Shaomet, wh. they call. Warwick, and two yrs. later was seized with the whole comp. and brot. prisoner to Boston, where the governm. sentenc. them to be onfin. in various places, enjoin. them not to preach their monstr. absurd doctr. on pain of death. Soon, however, as sympathy for such suffer. was unavoidab. excit. they all were banish. and he went to Eng. and obt. justice by restorat. to their est. He kept an inn at W. in 1649, and d. in the autumn of 1655, or betw. that and the spring foll. leav. s. John, b. a. 1639, and ds. Deliverance, w. of James Greene; Eliz. wh. m. Richard Harcutt of the same; beside wid. Sarah, not. mo. of either of the ch. wh. bec. w. 19 Feb. 1657 of John Sandford, the sch.-master of Boston. Of his first w. the name is not kn. but Gorton in his narrat. of the invasion and assault by the Mass. forces upon the new settlem. of W. tells that she d. at that time, perhaps of trepidat. ROBERT, Roxbury 1634, on join. the ch. had w. Isabel, of neither of wh. do I find any other ment. in rec. of town or ch. but that he was bur. 17 Jan. 1654; yet in Boston ch. he had his d. Deliverance bapt. 5 Mar. 1637, and in the rec. of d. is error, no doubt, of Robert for William. Prob. he rem. ROBERT, Lynn, perhaps s. of the first Robert, b. in Eng. had Samuel, b. 28 May 1657; and his w. whose name is not giv. must have d. soon after; for he m. 25 Jan. 1660, Ruth Driver, perhaps d. of Robert the first, had Robert, b. 18 Mar. 1661; Nathaniel, 14 Apr. 1663; John, 13 Sept. 1665; Eliz. 9 Feb. 1668, d. soon; Eliz. again, 15 Aug. 1670; Ruth, 27 Feb. 1674; Joseph, 25 Dec. 1676; Benjamin, 11 Apr. 1680; and Samuel, 8 May 1682. [p.468] ROBERT, Lynn, s. of the preced. m. 9 Jan. 1682, Martha Hall, had Martha, b. 21 June 1685, was freem. 1691. **** THOMAS, Portsmouth, R. I. br. perhaps of the preced. m. 20 Jan. 1687, Susanna, d. of John Tripp, had Susanna, b. 28 June 1688; Sarah, 25 July 1690; and Ichabod, 23 Sept. 1692. VINCENT, Boston, came in the Elizabeth and Ann from London, 1635, aged 21, was next yr. a soldier at the castle [Winth. II. 346]; went home in 1639, in the same sh. with John Josselyn, wh. ment. p. 30, that he was afterwards question. for a Regicide. He was prob. one of the madcap millenarians with Venner of Salem, but not of sufficient importance to be put to death. WILLIAM, Watertown, came prob. in the Abigail from London, 1635, aged 27, with w. Frances, 26, and ch. Joseph, 20 wks. His mo. Hannah had m. bef. they came over, a Beecher, and had Isaac. He a. 1643 rem. prob. to New Haven, there had other childr. and in his will, 1662, names Nathaniel, Joseph, Hope, and Rebecca. Possib. but not prob. this is the man wh. was execut. Friday, 6 June of that yr. in the story of whose offence, being art. 3 of Appx. of Thaumaturgus, Magnalia VI. 38, Mather had gr. satisfact. and that he might defy human credulity makes the wonder, that tho. twenty yrs. a mem. of that ch. he had liv. in most infamous crimes no less than fifty yrs. together. The wretched man was perhaps s. of a wid. P. liv. at New Haven 1646. See Rec. I. 247. WILLIAM, Braintree, came perhaps in the Increase from London, 1635, aged 25, one of the early mem. of that ch. 17 Sept. 1639, freem. 13 May 1640, rem. to Roxbury, m. 2 June 1646, Judith Graves, wid. of John. He made his will 14 Jan. 1654, of wh. Geneal. Reg. V. 301, has abstr. in wh. he names no ch. but Hannah Graves, d. of his w. gives to the Rev. elders of Braintree, Tompson and Flint, 10 ea. br.'s John's and George's childr. sis. Jane's and Ann's, but all apparently in Eng. also to the sch. in R. and the coll. in Cambridge; and three days aft. was bur. tho. town rec. calls him Robert. His wid. Judith m. 13 Dec. foll. Samuel Finch. WILLIAM, New Haven, had Mary, and Sarah, prob. not tw. bapt. 22 Aug. 1641; Hope, 3 Oct. 1641; Rebecca, 1643; and Nathaniel, 22 Dec. 1644. Eight of this name, had, in 1834, been gr. at Yale, three at Harv. and nine at other N. E. coll.