Simeon W. Driver Family  Ca. 1812 - 1877

Patsy Kemp Powell

The following is a transcription of births, deaths, and marriages found in the Bible of Elizabeth Elender Driver Folk. I have added notes to identify who children belonged to. Also in a few instances there is a difference in the spelling of names of the same people.

July the 21, 1867 Family record

Simeon W. Driver was Borne July 30, 1812
Elender W. Driver was Borne December 15, 1815
Hariet an Elizer Driver was Borne November 7, 1840
Mary Addeline Driver was Born April 16, 1842
Talitha Jane Driver was Born August 25, 1843
Sarah Frances Driver was Born May 28, 1845
Eugenia Margaret Driver was Born July 24, 1847
Elizabeth Elender Driver was Born April 14, 1849
Permelia Drucillia Driver was Born August 19, 1851
Susanah Sophronia Driver was Borne October 12, 1853
Simeon James Cherly Driver was Born November 29, 1860

Simeon W. B. Driver and Ellender W. Fleming was married February 7, 1840

William W. Carriker and Harriet an Elizer Driver was married August 1, 1856

Jackson McCaine and Mary A. Driver was married September 15, 1861

Arthur P. Brown and Talitha J. Driver was married January 22, 1862

John Wesley Mears was born September 25, 1875
Joseth Franklin Mears born August 12, 1877, died October 24, 1877 (note: The Mears children belonged to Permelia Drucilla Driver Mears)

Dorey Oliver Brown was born January 26, 1861
Willyiam Artemere Brown was born April 18, 1862, died July 29, 1866
Charles Wesley Brown was borne September 8, 1866
(note: The Brown children belonged to Talitha Jane Driver Brown)

(Can't Decipher) Jaerome McCaine was borne August 19, 1862
James William McCain was born March 26, 1866
Eleanor McCain was born April 5, 1868
(note: The McCaine children belonged to Mary Addeline Driver McCaine)

Simeon W. Driver Died June the 26th, 1868