1850 Federal Census Index
Driver Family Name

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  Driver, John M.   Carroll GA 15   11th District
  Driver, John W.   Nash NC 287   No TWP Listed
  Driver, Jonas   Philadelphia PA 362   Southwark Ward 5
  Driver, Jonathan   Nash NC 268   No TWP Listed
  Driver, Jordan   Jefferson IL 327   10th District
  Driver, Jordan   Pike GA 185   68th District
  Driver, Joseph   Essex MA 164   Rockport 
  Driver, Joseph   Coffee TN 46   6th Civil District
  Driver, Joseph   Augusta VA 253   2nd District
  Driver, Joseph   Isle of Wight VA 127   Eastern District
  Driver, Joseph   Iowa WI 337   Mineral Point
  Driver, Joseph   Caroline MD 164   No TWP Listed
  Driver, Joseph M.   Plymouth MA 90   Kingston
  Driver, Joseph M.   Windham VT 308   Grafton
  Driver, Joseph N.   Chittenden VT 90   Charlotte
  Driver, Josephus   Rock WI 238   Janesville W. Rock River
  Driver, Josephus   Rock WI 237   Janesville W. Rock river
  Driver, Joshua E.   New Haven CT 80   Cheshire
  Driver, Joshua E.   New Castle DE 69   Wilmington
  Driver, Jourdan   Bedford TN 254   24th Civil District
  Driver, Julia.   Essex MA 190   Lawrence
  Driver, Laborn   Smith TN 366   S. Division
  Driver, Lairy   Highland VA 82   District 25
  Driver, Lerone   Gloucester VA 98   No TWP Listed
  Driver, Leroy   Macon AL 238   District 21
  Driver, Leroy   Macon AL 309   District 21

This page contains information extracted from early U.S census for the Driver surname for the year of 1850.  This list contains indexed information including the person's name; county; locality; roll/page number; state and whenever possible detailed family information.
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