1850 Federal Census Index
Driver Family Name

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  Driver, John   Allen IN 239   97th District
  Driver, John   Rush IN 385   Adams TWP
  Driver, John   Sullivan IN 230   Hadden TWP
  Driver, John   Essex MA 350   Manchesterct
  Driver, John   Franklin NC 323   Duns District
  Driver, John   Surry NC 179   South Division
  Driver, John   Wake NC 206   Western Division
  Driver, John   Essex NJ 446   5th Ward Newark
  Driver, John   Gloucester NJ 113   Greennich TWP
  Driver, John   New York NY 319   New York City Ward 11
  Driver, John   Wyandot OH 673   Tymochtee TWP
  Driver, John   Carbon PA 351   Dock Ward
  Driver, John   Philadelphia PA 441   Dover TWP
  Driver, John   Philadelphia PA 13   Mauch Chunk Borough
  Driver, John   York PA 287   No. Liberties Ward 1
  Driver, John   Davidson TN 259   8th Civil District
  Driver, John   De Kalb TN 55   9th District
  Driver, John   Macon TN 174   Edgefield
  Driver, John   Augusta VA 253   2nd District
  Driver, John   Dinwiddie VA 496   56th District
  Driver, John   Elizabeth City VA 54   56th District
  Driver, John   Norfolk VA 268   Old Point Comfort
  Driver, John   Rockingham VA 126   Portsmouth Parrish
  Driver, John   Rockingham VA 108   Southern District
  Driver, John A.   Washington PA 433   Canton TWP
  Driver, John F.   St. Louis MO 259   St. Louis 2nd Ward

This page contains information extracted from early U.S census for the Driver surname for the year of 1850.  This list contains indexed information including the person's name; county; locality; roll/page number; state and whenever possible detailed family information.
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