1850 Federal Census Index
Driver Family Name

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  Driver, James   Mariposa CA 60   No TWP Listed
  Driver, James   New Castle DE 339   Christianna Hundred
  Driver, James   Ohio IN 332   2nd District
  Driver, James   Randolph IN 5   Cotton TWP
  Driver, James   Ripley IN 335   Shelby TWP
  Driver, James   Switzerland IN 396   Stony Creek TWP
  Driver, James   Oktibbeha MS 262   No TWP Listed
  Driver, James   New York NY 359   New York City Ward 18
  Driver, James   Erie OH 436   Cincinnati 5th Ward
  Driver, James   Farfield OH 419   Rush Creek TWP
  Driver, James   Hamilton OH 404   Vermillion TWP
  Driver, James   Macon TN 171   9th District
  Driver, James B.   Franklin NY 146   Chateaugay
  Driver, James E.   Sullivan IN 232   Hadden TWO
  Driver, James J.   Isle of Wight VA 122   Eastern District
  Driver, Jane   Pickens AL 85   Southern District
  Driver, Jane   Sullivan IN 235   Hamilton TWP
  Driver, Janetta   Cumberland NC 135   Northern Division
  Driver, Jesse   Macon TN 174   9th District
  Driver, Joel   Wake NC 190   Western Division
  Driver, Joel   Tipton TN 340   7th District
  Driver, John   Coosa AL 67   Coosa District
  Driver, John   Mississippi AR 335   Franks TWP
  Driver, John   St. Francis AR 63   Monroe TWP
  Driver, John   Hamilton FL 232   2nd District
  Driver, John   Jefferson IL 326   10th District

This page contains information extracted from early U.S census for the Driver surname for the year of 1850.  This list contains indexed information including the person's name; county; locality; roll/page number; state and whenever possible detailed family information.
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