1850 Federal Census Index
Driver Family Name

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  Driver, Greene   Greene IL 13   Maconpin & Apple Creek
  Driver, H. T.   Dinwiddie VA 422   Petersburg City
  Driver, Harrison   Cumberland NC 2   Fayetteville District
  Driver, Henry   Kent DE 189   Dover Hundred
  Driver, Henry   Suffolk MA 298   Boston 9th Ward
  Driver, Henry   Baltimore MD 300   17th Ward Baltimore
  Driver, Henry   Queen Anne MD 217   3rd E. District
  Driver, Henry   Brown OH 30   Perry TWP
  Driver, Henry   Lucas OH 315   Port Lawrence TWP
  Driver, Henry   Blair PA


  Allegheny TWP
  Driver, Henry   Bedford TN 254   24th Civil District
  Driver, Henry   Davidson TN 258   Edgefield
  Driver, Hester   Baltimore MD 114   15th Ward Baltimore
  Driver, Hester   Baltimore MD 383   3rd Ward Baltimore
  Driver, Ichabod   Pike AL 200   No TWP Listed
  Driver, Isaac   Noble IN 211   Elkhart TWP
  Driver, Isah   Erie OH 450   Vermillion TWP
  Driver, J.   Henry GA 264   42nd District
  Driver, J.   Henry GA 257   42nd District
  Driver, Jacob   Gwinnett GA 166   36th Subdivision
  Driver, Jacob   Randolph IN 21   Monroe TWP
  Driver, Jacob   Randolph IN 4   Stony Creek TWP
  Driver, Jacob   York PA 380   Fairfield TWP
  Driver, Jacob   Macon TN 174   9th District
  Driver, Jacob   Rockingham VA 79   56th District
  Driver, James   Coosa AL 67   Coosa District

This page contains information extracted from early U.S census for the Driver surname for the year of 1850.  This list contains indexed information including the person's name; county; locality; roll/page number; state and whenever possible detailed family information.
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