1850 Federal Census Index
Driver Family Name

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  Driver, Erwin   De Kalb TN 26   11th Civil District
  Driver, Fanny   Gloucester VA 98   No TWP Listed
  Driver, Francis   Ripley IN 334   Shelby TWP
  Driver, Francis E.   Coosa AL 63   Coosa District
  Driver, Fredrick   Campbell KY 56   Newport
  Driver, G. L.   Benton AL 316   District 28
  Driver, George   Sumter GA 220   No TWP Listed
  Driver, George   Randolph IN 8   Posey TWP
  Driver, George   Switzerland IN 458   Stony Creek TWP
  Driver, George   Essex MA 133   Salem 3rd Ward
  Driver, George   La Fayette MO 240   Freedom TWP
  Driver, George   Washington PA 359   Washington Borough
  Driver, George   Washington PA 462   West Finley TWP
  Driver, George C.   Cabpbell KY 97   District 2
  Driver, George W.   Essex MA 80   Danvers
  Driver, George W.   Anne Arundel MD 510   Howard District
  Driver, George W.   Gloucester NJ 103   Deptford TWP
  Driver, George W.   Gloucester NJ 99   Greennich TWP
  Driver, Gideon   Greene PA 226   Wayne TWP
  Driver, Giles   Pike GA 137   68th District
  Driver, Giles   Franklin NC 324   Duns District
  Driver, Giles   Surry NC 175   South Division
  Driver, Giles   De Kalb TN 56   8th Civil District
  Driver, Godfrey   Lawrence PA 56   North Beaver TWP
  Driver, Goodrich   Chambers AL 378   District 19
  Driver, Goodridge   Carroll GA 16   11th District

This page contains information extracted from early U.S census for the Driver surname for the year of 1850.  This list contains indexed information including the person's name; county; locality; roll/page number; state and whenever possible detailed family information.
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