Ailshire/Polly Family Bible

Title Page

Dated 1883.  There appears to be several older pages inserted into this Bible, and the handwriting on them is different than on the newer pages.

Register of Births

At center top of page written in pencil


then the dates 1927 minus 1884 = 53

Register of Births

James N. Ailshire born June 23rd 1856

Mary E. Ailshire born Nov 25th 1858

(this is Mary Ellen Blythe wife of James N. Ailshire - transcriber's notes)

James M. Ailshire born Oct 13th 1881

Ida M. Ailshire born Sept. 18th 1884

M. Effie Ailshire born Feb. 21st 1892

Johny Ailshire born Oct. 24th 1896

G. Cleveland Polly born Aug. 24th 1886

Dora Nelson Wilson born Nov. 20 1912


Emma Waneida Polly born Oct. 6, 1922

Betty Lou Polly born May 28th - 1926


Register of Marriages

G. Cleveland Polly and Ida M Ailshire married Sept 23. 1906


Register of Deaths

James M. Ailshire died Feb. 12th 1895

Johny Ailshire died Oct 24th 1896

Emma Waneida Polly Oct 6, 1922

Grover Cleveland Polly Sept 21 1964

last name written in ink, all others in pencil

The next pages are older that the previous, the handwriting is different and in a different ink.

Family Record


James M. Ailshire died Feb 12, 1895

Johny Ailshire Died Oct 24, 1896

James N. Ailshire died Sept. 24, 1928

(this last name in different handwriting)

Ira Wilson died

Effie Wilson died April 6 1941 in Manchester (date and place added later in ball-point pen)

written on bottom of page

Jim left up Jan 5 to go to Middletown to work.
Betty and children went Feb 1 1953


Family Record


Ida May Polly was born Sept 18, 1884

Cleve Polly was born Aug 24 1895 died Sept. 21 1964

Emma Waneida Polly was born Oct. 6 1922 died Oct 6 1922

Betty Lou Polly was born May 28 - 1926

Polly Ann Driver was born -private

Thomas Alan Driver was born - private

Richard Edward Driver was born - private

Along the left margin is written -

George Jr. Driver was born - private


Family Record


Handwriting and ink on this page appears much older than the above pages.

James M. Ailshire was born oct 13 1881

Ida May Ailshire was born Sept 18, 1884

Mary E. Ailshire was borne Feb 21 189_

Nellie Kress was born (Nov 20 1912 in different ink and handwriting)

Dora Nelson Wilson Kress "Nell" "Nellie"

(written in still another handwriting and ink)

Family Record


At top of page is written in different ink- January River Froze Over 1893

James N. Ailshire and Mary E. Blythe --- was married Dec 24, 1880

Mary Ellen Blythe was borned June 23 1856

different ink and handwriting

Ida M Ailshire and Cleveland Polly was married Sept 23 1906

different ink

Betty Lou Polly George J. Driver Jr. married April 19 - 1947

different ink and handwriting

George James Driver lV "Jamie" born - private