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From the Nixon-Ellison Genealogy, pub. 1970. 
Privately published by Robert H. Nixon. 
The Nixon line married into the Polly line, In Adams County, Ohio.

This story has been handed down through the Nixon family for many generations.

Robert Nixon, b. 1467, lived a long time ago in England, and could, so people say, prophesy the future. The King heard about him and brought him to court to prophesy for him. While there, he got locked, (accidentally?) in a cupboard and starved to death.

Robert H. Nixon heard this story from his grandfather, Victor Nixon, when he was only a boy and had always supposed it was a story passed down word of mouth through the family, until he discovered in the Library of Congress, a rare little book about it. He wondered if his grandfather or a person before him, had read the book, and assumed he was a member of our family?

The one think he could think of it being truly family tradition, is in the book, it clearly states several times that Nixon was an "idiot", a dull fellow who could barely utter, "the words yes or no", except when prophesying. Hardly the kind of character one would hopefully latch onto as an ancestor merely because of the name being the same.

George James Driver IV

Submitted by Pauli Driver Smith