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I am posting this thesis of the origin of the Ailshire/Aleshire name, with the permission of
Cyndi Pote a fellow Ailshire/Aleshire researcher.   http://hometown.aol.com/cyndipote/Aleshire.html


By Cyndi Pote

Research seems to indicate that the immigrant ancestor of the Aleshire family was Conrad Elscheit of Niederhonnefeld, Prussia, Germany, who married Maria Catharina Goessel in Rengsdorf, Rheinland, Prussia, Germany on 29 Sep 1747:

On 29 September Conrad Elscheit, a miner from Niederhonnefeld married Maria Catharina Goessel, the legitimate daughter of Christopher Goessel from Hardert.

Niederhonnefeld, Rengsdorf, and Hardert are all located in West Central Germany, not far from the Belgian border. There is also a town called Ehlscheid nearby.)

I believe this is the same person as Conrad Ellscheid, who arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam on 21 Aug 1750, and Conrod Aleshite, whose administration bond is found in Dunmore Co., VA dated 27 Aug 1776.

Information discovered by Richard N. Aleshire indicates that Conrod Aleshite may be Johann Conrad Elscheid, christened 21 or 22 Jan 1708, Honnefeld Parish, Rhineland Pfalz, Prussia (now Koblenz, West Germany). He was the son of Henrich Elscheid, b. cir 1659, bur. 23 Feb 1747, and Catharina Neitzert, b. cir 1662, bur. 8 Apr 1729, m. 4 Nov 1698 Jahrsfeld, Prussia. Henrich was the son of Johannes Elscheid of Ellingen, Prussia, b. 1600s, d. aft 1708. Catharina was the daughter of Amalia Neitzert, Johann Conrad's godmother.

The name evolved into "Aleshire" (and variant spellings) in the following way:

If you follow the phonetic spelling of the name back, you'll find the name spelled Aleshite or Elshite (phonetically Ellscheid). The German "er", indicating the masculine, was sometimes added, i.e. Ailshiter or Aleshiter, which when written by English speaking clerks, became Ailshire or Aleshire!
                                                --Dottie Aleshire, 4 Nov 1991

Conrad and Catharine Aleshite had, I believe, the following children:

  1. Benedict Christoffel Aleshite, m. 13 Nov 1776 Elisabeth Williams in Rockingham Co., VA; d. 1820 Mason Co., WV.

  2. Conrad Aleshite, b. 1753 Shenandoah Co., VA, d. 1842 Meigs Co., OH.

  3. Henry P. Aleshite Sr., b. 19 Feb 1754 Powell's Fort, Shenandoah Co., VA, m. 24 Apr 1786 Mary Elizabeth Hahn in Shenandoah Co., VA, d. 2 Jun 1845 Page Co., VA.

  4. John Conrad Aleshite, b. 23 Dec 1755 Smith's Creek, Shenandoah Co., VA, m. 25 Feb 1784 Susannah Pangle, d. 16 Mar 1847 Page Co., VA. Obituary

  5. Jacob Aleshite, d. in Revolutionary War; one source gives his wife as June Judon, m. 18 Feb 1783.

  6. Christian Lion Aleshite, m. 25 Feb 1784 Christina Pangle in Shenandoah Co., VA (double wedding with John Conrad; their wives were sisters).

  7. Peter Aleshite, m. 23 Aug 1789 Margaret Koontz in Shenandoah Co., VA.

  8. Michael Aleshite, m. 4 Aug 1789 Philadelphia Wright in Shenandoah Co., VA, d. 1845 Meigs Co., OH.

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